Brand It

  • Get Talked About
    Enable your offer and brand to become part of the consumer conversation.
  • High Impact Mobile promotion
    Enable consumers to engage, interact and share your brand and promotions.
  • Flexible Promotional Choices
    Reach consumers with coupons, phone calls, email or physical address offers.
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Campaigns Supported!

Share Offer Consumers can easily share offers with their friends by sharing the offer or attaching it to a FunMail. This dramatically raises the reach and impact of any offer in FunMail.

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User shares coupon with a friend. (Sharing can be optional)


After sharing coupon user receives a FunMail from Burger King.


Message contains a coupon with redeem code.

Click to Call Advertisers can provide offers with a “click to call” option, reaching interested consumers in realtime

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User calls in offer.


After call, user receives a message from Burger King in the application.


Message contains a coupon with redeem code.

Smart Lead Advertisers can provide offers that require name and email and/or physical address, enabling downstream permission-based direct marketing.

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User claims offer.

Submission Form

User information stored for quick data submission.

Confirmation Dialog

Offer fulfillment completed via email.